Hi my first entry in which I am going to say a few things.  So my goal this summer has been to figure out more about blogging.  At times, I am feeling so much more tech savvy and, at others, I am feeling…frustrated.  This site is pretty easy to add blogs to but to navigate and change things, it’s a bit harder and it directs me often to the notice, ” Aw snap, something happened…want to send feed back?”

I have added artwork to About and am thinking to make this my artist page/blog then make a different site for students if I can figure out how to change the “Ms. Graham’s art class” label. ha!  more later



here is the name tag we made at our AP training.  We got a design problem from a friend and then altered our name tags.  Great fun and good prompt.  Mine was to choose an inanimate object and geometrically draw it  with abstract/unnatural patterns filling in the spaces.